2020 After School ART TANK is meeting Virtually during the global Retreat

The Art Tank Studio

What is ART TANK

ART TANK like a THINK TANK is symbiotically an arena and body of individuals who gather together and hold a space in which to explore and create art as a group.  In our case the arena for which expression is housed is our Studio. 

ART TANK is then made whole by the bodies who gather, the Artists from whence expression is birthed and explored. Our purpose is aimed with the intention to gather with like minded and support and embody the artistic space of expression.  ART TANK delivers via the PAUSE experience, PAUSE being used as an acronym, is something I was inspired to define.  The ART TANK artists engage peers while accessing the all various mediums housed and in our studio; through gathering with friends, by collaborating with and supporting like minded friends ART TANK becomes a collective masterpiece.  The studio is always ready and waiting for her artists, the body of individuals of whom show up to meet what magical potentials await.   Be it through individualized process or mutually agreed upon group expressions, whatever the ART TANK artists are working on, our shared experience is one of great benefit.  Our authentic, openly-structured artistic navigation, is a healthy and necessary means of balancing out the discursive noise of modern-worldly living.  Though I offer good and thorough instruction on the basic fundamentals of art, ART TANK is not a place where strictly-disciplined or ordered artistic instruction is practiced.  Children who join in for After School ART TANK have usually been at school, a place designed to 'drill and instill' for seven hours already.  Our studio time is free-range, the arena supports a 'free-to-be' flow, the studio is a place where young artists PAUSE, have fun, create and express.  

“In todays world, where the everyday hustle and bustle has seemingly infiltrated the homes and minds of many, I see a much needed PAUSE is required for everyone.  Children, even if they do not communicate this  directly, thirst for nurtured PAUSE.  I felt called to create this enrichment program because Art Studios are incredible, all children deserve a place to meet their PAUSE!  Whether one is painting alone in a studio, singing in the shower, doodling on a notebook while attending a noisy class or seminar, or collaborating with others on a giant community mural, it doesn’t take a genus to witness that artists doing art, become transported to a space that transcends the overwhelming hustle and bustle.  What I witness when observing artists doing art is their raw connection and infinite discovery.  Like Joseph Campbell famously stated, “follow your bliss.”  When one follows bliss, bliss is what one will meet."   -Detchen Foxx


Purposefully, Attentively, Unite Self and Expression