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About Detchen Foxx


“Art is a language, a practice of innate expression universally rooted deep in sparkling consciousness. The language of Art invites the merging of cosmic gnosis with that of experiential being. These tandem aspects of psyche then burst forth via the grace of Muse. This language manifests through Art Expression and reveals outwardly, what arises spontaneously as a gift from the mind’s eye.  Artistic expression is a collective tapestry woven by many persistent hands. 

These hands translate the ever expanding archetypal journey of existence"    -Detchen Foxx  (Natasha Delgado)

My purpose here and now is to love and support the world and all her inhabitants (Earths young people are my favorite). 

 I offer myself to this place and time as an Intuitive Artist. 

I restore and replenish through my spiritual practice as well as my Art Expression.  

Art (all forms) is lifeblood.  My Studio is my sanctuary, the arena where true magic makes birth.

In 1999 I was accepted into a program at the Art Institute of Colorado where I studied Computer Animation and Graphic Design. I attempted a path that supported my passions for Art through technology.  Alas, as it turns out, my vibrational being-ness is not exactly compatible with that of technological vibration.  I found myself both pushed and called to an alternative arena in which to learn, cultivate, and explore my artistic gifts. 

I chose to transfer from the Art Institute to Naropa University (Boulder Co.). Transitioning away from an art-tech education, I moved into a school that offered a more contemplative education; a more compatible niche in which to seed, root and grow. In 2003 I graduated from Naropa University with degrees in Visual Arts and Psychology.  Post-graduation, I began teaching children. I have worked as an educator in both public and private schools (primarily within SPED). In 2018 upon recognizing  that the American Institution of Public Education was suffering serious systematic ills, I chose to resign from a position I had held for years; hard choice, right choice.  I re-devoted my full attention to the cultivation, nurture and harvest of my beloved ART TANK Studio and my Indigo Mystic Practice. My realigned purpose has become both the balance and bridge supporting and connecting all the relevant aspects of my personal life-path.  I am brimful with GRATITUDE!

~Om Hrim~